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A sweet little one shot I did to go with a pic a friend of mine did for me a while back, just hope you guys enjoy it.

Winter. The lands rest, the days become short and long winter nights are quite and to be romantic for most, soft quite snow covers the ground and fills the air. Selena, her beloved Ryo and her sweet adoptive little brother Yuli got out and had fun in the snow, started a snowball fight, the three even built a little snow-man, went for a walk among the snow cover lands, but as night fell it became colder and they were tired from the day, the three went back in the house and Selena made her own special hot coco mix for them to have, Ryo got a fire in the fire place lit and they all settled in the living room, a light snow filled the night sky.

Selena got blankets from a linen closet for the three of them, a red blanket, a light turquoise colored one and a pale yellow colored blanket. Selena made herself comfortable and covered up with the light turquoise blanket, while Ryo and Yuli got comfortable on a rug and Selena tossed him down a pillow.

“Such as fun day today, we played in the snow and made a snow man, but it's nice to come in and warm up, makes it cozy,” said Selena.

“I hear you on that one, so warm,” replied Ryo, he had always enjoyed the heat of fire of any kind. Yuli covered himself with the light yellow blanket and laid on top of Ryo's chest the way Mary sometimes did in her house cat from, the child snuggled against him making himself more comfortable.

“It was so much fun today nee-san.....can it...again later....” Yuli tried to ask him while trying not yawn, Ryo smiled and placed a hand on the boy's head.

“Yeah, we'll do it again tomorrow, if the snow hasn't melted by then little brother,” answered Ryo, Selena curled up under the blanket on the sofa.

“This takes me back, reminds me of the days back home we'd.....” Selena started to say.

“Selena, shh, he just fell asleep,” Ryo hushed her.

“Oh sorry,” said Selena, both would now have to speak in a hushed voice. She could see the sleeping boy, under the blanket, he looked so warm.

“It's all good, but anyway you were saying,” said Ryo encouraging her to continue with her story, both still in a whisper voice. Selena continued where she left off.

“Snow days back home were always fun, the mountains covered in snow, bare trees would always stand out and the river would flow kind of carving a path through the snow, it was something else,” Selena told him, the memories came flooding back to her of her home.

“Sounds like it was beautiful,” Ryo told her softly.

“It was and still is,” she replied, she lightly smiled at the two of them, she felt a feeling of being homesick, Ryo could tell the look in her eyes.

“You miss home sometimes Selena?” Ryo asked her. Selena lightly smiled at him.

“Every now and then, but I'm happier here than I've ever been, you and the guys are like family, the girls are already like my sisters, what more could I want,” answered Selena. He smiled and looked at the ceiling letting his thoughts drift to every thing that had happened over the past few months. Remembering the day he first day he met Selena, and they both agreed that if they survived the first Dynasty wars they would go out on a date, from there it took off.

“You know when I first met you and we started dating, I thought it wouldn't work cause I sometimes thought she only goes for guys who are rich like her, but I was wrong,” Ryo told her. Selena remembered all too well some of the grief he put her through, but in the end it was pure love they had.

“Well most guys that I tried to get along with or wanted to date just wanted it be with me for my money, but you didn't you're different from the others, you're nice, smart, funny and so sweet and caring, you've put your friends before yourself so many times it's amazing, plus you're already like Yuli's big brother, that counts as something, I've rarely found that in anyone before you,” replied Selena.

Ryo already knew Yuli looked up to him and the others as his older brothers and sisters, but he had somewhat more in common with the child than the others aside from Selena, the two were both the only child in their families and loved their friends like family.

“I think he's lucky to have a sister like you,” Ryo told her. Yuli's parents and Selena's parents had been friends for so long so it seemed only right that the boy thought of her as his sister, she took care of him and looked out for him when the Dynasty first came, she just kept it up even after the fighting was over.

“Oh you,” said Selena as she blushed, she let a yawn escape her mouth.

“Getting sleepy?” Ryo asked her, Selena didn't want to tell him but she was winding down, she could feel her eyelids getting heavier by the second.

“Sort of, we did have a ton of fun today though, and playing in the snow always wears me out, even as a kid it wore me out pretty good,” Selena answered him.

“Maybe we should go to bed,” he told her, Selena gave it a little thought.

“You know what, why don't we sleep down here tonight, I'm too comfortable to move, besides I don't think you'd want to wake Yuli, he looks so cute sleeping like that,” said Selena. Ryo looked at the child soundly sleeping on his chest, he smirked and knew she was right, but not sleeping in a bed at least for one night wouldn't hurt.

“I guess sleeping down here wouldn't hurt and you're right, I won't want to wake him up he looks too comfortable,” said Ryo looking at the sleeping boy on his chest, Selena let out a small yawn.

“The fires lit and it's so warm and cozy.....good night guys,” Selena told them and she fell fast asleep.

“Night Selena,” Ryo told her, he too was having a hard time staying awake, Ryo felt Yuli snuggle up on top of the red blanket and under the light yellow blanket.

“Sweet dreams little bro,” Ryo told Yuli. White Blaze had come in and trotted over to his master and lay right next to him, Ryo petted the tiger's head.

“Well White Blaze, I think it was pretty fun snow day today don't you think?” Ryo asked the tiger, the big cat rubbed against his masters hand as if to answer him.

“Well said, let's get some sleep bud,” replied Ryo, the tiger curled up next to the two of them and Ryo fell asleep also as the snow filled the sky.
Winters sleep
Just a sweet little one shot I came up with, it was suppose to be for winter but I was just slow on getting it up.
Some one was kind to let me know someone redrew one of my works and said it looked nice, but I told them it's more theft, check the link and if it's theft to you guys. u:…
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