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Reflect by StarBlazeKirara
Due to some heavy rain we had a few month back, and it also rained for at least two days, went out for a walk with my camera and saw this

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Just some smut I came up with, a night of passion between Ryo and Selena, hope you guys like it.

The house was theirs, at least it had been for the past few days, the rest of their friends had gone off to visit with family or take trips, Selena and Ryo were the only ones left staying at Mia's mansion, Selena's parents were out of town on a business trip, she didn't know about Ryo's family. But they didn't care they were together and it was night fall, the two cuddled on the sofa watching a cheesy horror movie, as it was ending they didn't realize how quiet things were without all their friends around.

“How often do we get this large house to ourselves?” asked Ryo.

“Very rarely, but I know something we could do,” answered Selena with a mischievous smirk, they were alone, what harm would it be?

“Oh?” inquired Ryo, Selena stood up from the sofa and traced the back up to Ryo's shoulders, his eye's following her to a point.

“Just let me slip up stairs, you wait down here until I call you,” Selena told him almost playfully.

“Being sneaky are we?” Ryo asked her, Selena smiled as made her way to the stairs and looked back him as he still sat on the sofa.

“My mother is the master of surprises so I picked up a few things from her, and if you hear things moving around upstairs don't come snooping around,” Selena told him, Ryo smiled.

“Alright, I'll wait for your word,” said Ryo.

Selena made a stop in her bedroom and went over to her closet and started to rummage through it, she was looking for something, turned out what she was looking for ended up in the back of her closet.

“Where are those, ah, and these are still in the bag,” Selena told herself as she pulled out a small pink lingerie bag and also grabbed a yukata from her closet, she changed out of her clothes and into what was in the bag then covered herself with the yukata. “Now for this part,” she added softly as she tipped-toed past Ryo, thankfully he didn't hear or see her as she went into his room and closed the door.

Ryo could hear what sounded like furniture being moved around, he was curious about what she was doing, he made his way to the stairs and stood at the foot of them.

“What is going on up there? Did she decide to rearrange some things while the others were gone?” Ryo asked himself, then he heard Selena's voice call out.

“Okay Ryo, you can come up, I'm in your room,” Selena called him, Ryo started to make his way to his room.

“Uhmm Selena what are you up to....whoa, you pushed my bed and other one together?” said Ryo as he opened the door to his room and saw what had been done, Selena hid behind the door and closed it once he was in.

“Well yeah, I had a reason” replied Selena, Ryo noticed the yukata she was wearing, crimson red with cherry blossoms on the shoulders and sleeves that gathered more at the bottom. He raised a brow at it, but she had a smile on her face.

“Why are you wearing that yukata?” Ryo asked her, Selena smiled as she sat on the edge of the window seating.

“To cover what's underneath, but first I wanted to talk to you,” answered Selena as she offered a seat for him.

“Oh sure, about what?” Ryo replied as he sat next to her, Selena bit her lower lip giving what she wanted to say some thought, Ryo wondered what was going through her mind, she took a deep breath and let out what she wanted to say.

“Have you.....been thinking about everything that's happen over the last year?” Selena blurted out. Ryo had a feeling he knew what she was talking about.

“You mean about everything we've been through, the Dynasty battles, New York and all that? Yeah, it goes through my mind every now and then, same for you?” Ryo replied, Selena sighed.

“In a way yes, been thinking about how close I was to losing you, how we almost lost each other,” said Selena as she placed her hands on his chest.

“That's been going through my head too, why are bringing this up?” Ryo asked her as he took her hands off his chest. Selena took a other deep breath and gulped unsure of how he might take what she was going to say next, if she just told him right out it might be easier on both of them.

“I....I....I wanted to make this night special! After all we've been through, I....I thought we could have a special night,” Selena told him, she turned red when she was done talking. She could see his eyes widen and she braced herself for the offer rejection, instead he smiled.

“A speci....I've been wondering if you were going to ask that, I've been secretly hoping we would have a night like this,” answered Ryo as he placed his hand on Selena's face.

“” stammered Selena a bit surprised.

“After being in Egypt, thinking the world was going to fall just go me thinking,” replied Ryo as he seem to trail off a bit, she knew this was something he wasn't a fan of talking, but she knew the right thing to get him off this subject and she wanted to be sure of it also.

“We have a real love don't we?” Selena asked, Ryo could tell she at least wanted to get back on what she was trying to plan, the two of them stood up.

“Our love is as pure as the driven snow. Selena, I know why you wanted to make this a special night if that's what you want,” answered Ryo as he brushed a strand of hair out of her face, she felt herself back up against the wall and the coolness of the wall could be felt through the yukata.

“It is, my mom always said to give myself to a man when I know for sure that it's real true love and I've never felt this way with any other guy, not until I met you,” said Selena, Ryo pressed his head against hers, their eyes locking onto each others.

“My dad would always tell me something like that, he said if I ever met the right girl and wanted to give her something special to make sure it would be out of pure love other wise it would all be for nothing,” Ryo said to her, Selena lightly blushed as he took her in his arms, her back still against the wall.

“He's right,” she told him.

“Selena,” Ryo said tenderly, they became locked in a passionate kiss as their tongues danced around in each others mouths, the kiss broke and she felt his warm breath as he kissed her neck, both of their breathing became almost labor like.

“How about you show me what you have under the yukata?” breathed Ryo, Selena gave a playful smile as she reached for the sash that held the yukata together.

“You have been patent long enough,” said Selena as she untied the sash, she let the robe slide off her shoulders and it pooled onto the floor showing a icy purple lingerie set with a veil that was parted to show her stomach, the set was also adorned with red thread in the shape of roses, Ryo was taken back by this.

“Wow, where have you been hiding that?” asked Ryo as he looked her over.

“The girls helped me pick it out, do you like it?” replied Selena as she let it show off her body a little, kind of in a teasing manner to her love.

“Icy purple looks good on you, would you mind if I got rid of this?” said Ryo as he pulled his shirt off.

Selena smiled as she looked at Ryo who was now shirtless, she let her fingers explore his bare chest, she could feel him leaning in a bit closer.

“It's more fun for me to look anyways,” Selena told him as she lightly blushed.

“This night is ours Selena,” Ryo whispered in her ear. Selena looked up at him.

“I wouldn't have it any other way,” Selena replied softly, she felt his warm breath on her lips then moving to her neck, she ran her fingers through his hair as he moved towards her shoulders and close to her chest, her breath became more heavy.

“There have been many nights I've dreamed of this, now it's real,” breathed Ryo.

“So many times I've longed for you to touch me in ways only you could,” panted Selena. Ryo moved back to her face and eyes. “Oh Selena,” Ryo seemed to almost plead for her, as she felt his hands explore her body, he heard her let out gasps and sounds of content.

One of his hands strayed to around her thigh, Selena let a surprised gasp escape her mouth, she felt him remove her panties, she gasped and instinctively closed her legs and eyes. Ryo stopped his hand before he felt like this was going too far, he wanted Selena to be alright with it before he kept going.

“If this is going too far....” Ryo started to ask her but Selena shook her head.

“ from it.....” breathed Selena, he knew she wanted to further, she relaxed her legs enough for him to have some room, she felt his soft touch go up her leg and felt his hand at her entrance, and him rubbing it, she gasped and moaned out of pleasure, this felt so right to her but in some ways it was new to her and she was slightly afraid of what would happen later on.

“I take it you enjoy this part?' asked Ryo sensually, Selena's breath was more labored but she couldn't help it this felt so right to her.

“You're like....Anubis's old're..cruel....teasing me like....this...” panted Selena. Ryo stopped rubbing her and her breathing was less labored.

“Hmp, you're one to talk, shall we move to the bed?” Ryo told her, she nodded. “Yes....” said Selena. Ryo started to lead her to the bed, Selena sat on it and pulled herself towards the center of the joined beds, Ryo faced her as he joined her, she blushed as she sat on her knees and slightly turned her back to him.

“May I?” asked Ryo placing his hands on her shoulders.

“I am yours,” answered Selena, Ryo slid the strap of her top off her shoulder and the other soon followed, she felt his breath on her neck again along with his kisses, Selena turned and wrapped her arms around his shoulders as she felt him move towards her chest.

“My beloved moonlight,” said Ryo softly, she felt him lift her lingerie top off her body, she felt a bit exposed but the way his hands felt to her as they explored her body, never had she felt like this before, he had never made her feel this special before.

“Your touch's so warm and....” Selena couldn't finish what she wanted to say she was too enthralled about what was happening to her.

“You're about to have more of my touch,” Ryo told her, Selena laid down on the bed, Ryo could help but look at her, fully naked and he was above her, never had he ever seen something like this.

“Just when I thought you couldn't get anymore beautiful,” said Ryo looking over her body.

Selena felt his gaze on her, she gasped when she saw herself naked and found Ryo looking at her, she grabbed some sheets to cover herself and sat up, Ryo was a bit taken back, he thought maybe he went too far.

“Se...Selena what's wrong? Are you not ready or did I go too far when I.....” Ryo started to say, he felt like a terrible boyfriend for pushing this on her, but what she told him next put his mind some what at ease.

“It's not you, I really want this more than anything, but it's just.....” Selena told him.

“Just what?” he asked. Selena gripped the sheets around herself tighter as she blushed from what felt like a bit of embarrassment.

“I'm just shy, you know that's my first time so I'm afraid if anything but....oh I'm so embarrassed,” Selena blurted out, she felt Ryo snake an arm around her waist pulling her close, but she didn't want to face him, not yet at least, fear of what he might tell her, in some ways Ryo was glad she stopped and that it wasn't him, she was a virgin and was just a bit scared, he knew he needed to approach this in a different manner, for her at least.

“Don't be, but if you're not ready, if you want to stop then we'll.....” Ryo told her kindly, Selena shook her head to say no, Ryo just held her close for a second.

“You really want this don't you, even though you're a.....” Ryo started to ask, she placed her hands on his chest, still not looking at him.

“I'm just shy like I said, but if you don't.....” said Selena, she felt Ryo turned her face to him, he could see some small tears forming in her eyes.

“I wanted to make sure you were alright with this, but I didn't want it to sound like I was pressuring you,” answered Ryo, Selena placed her head on his chest as he still held her.

“Like you said, this is our night, I'm not letting my shyness get in the way of this,” said Selena.

“Hmp, I've never known warlords to stop you before, why let shyness stop you,” Ryo told her. Selena couldn't help but smile, he made her a bit more comfortable about tonight and even cheered her up some.

“Have I ever told you, you always know the right thing to say?” asked Selena in a playful tone.

“Too many times,” Ryo answered, he gave her a smirk, she knew what it meant.

“Shall we keep going? If that's what you want,” he added, Selena nodded, he knew she was ready but at her own pace if possible.

“Yes...but..” Selena started to tell him as she held the sheets tighter.

“But what?”

“Could you...try and go slow.....since this is my first time....and I'm still a bit nervous....and shy...” breathed Selena as she pulled away from him a little.

“I'll be honest I'm a bit nervous myself, so I'll go slow for both of us,” Ryo told her softly. Selena smiled and started to loosen grip on the sheets around her body a little.

“Seems fair,” said Selena.

“The sheets?” asked Ryo as he looked up and down her.

“Oh, sorry,” Selena told him, she was a bit hesitant at first, but as she looked at him, he nodded and with that she knew his words would be true, he would take it slow for her sake, she shyly smiled and threw the sheets off her body and laid back down on the bed. He couldn't help but look over her naked body.

“My god, your body is like pure starlight, so beautiful,” said Ryo as he kissed her, Selena loved the feeling of him kissing and exploring her body, she felt him embrace her closely, the feeling of his bare chest against her own unclothed form was like nothing she had ever felt before in her life, it was warm. She could feel his breath moving towards her chest.

`His body, so warm, like being near a fire, I don't know if I can wait any longer for him to be...` thought Selena. She suddenly felt a hand on her breast and let a startled gasp escape her mouth.

“Did that startle you?” asked Ryo. She lightly blush once more.

“Sort of,” Selena answered.

“Thought I'd throw in a few surprises, if you don't mind,” Ryo told her in a playful manner, Selena lightly smiled as she guided his other hand to her other breast.

“Not in the least,” Selena replied, she panted and let out gasps of pleasure as she felt Ryo fondle and cup her breasts, she felt his lips kissing her neck and chest, his tongue teasing her breasts as he still fondle them, never had she felt like this or let a man touch her the way only her love could, the dampness between her legs was growing by the second, she didn't know how much longer she could wait.

“Be gentle, please, they're god!!” panted Selena, she could feel him kissing her chest, she felt him moving lower towards her stomach, she felt the warmth of his breath on her, Selena jumped a bit she she felt him starting to kiss her thighs and felt his breath between her thighs.

`He going lower!! No, don't be afraid, this is what you've always wanted,` thought Selena. Ryo stopped for a second and looked up at her.

“You alright with this?” asked Ryo.

“Y...yes...” gasped Selena, she suddenly could feel his tongue licking her entrance, never in her life had this sensation come over her, she loved this feeling as she arched at he was doing.

“R.....Ryo...wa....wait....I....I'm shy.....down there!” exclaimed Selena through labored breaths, she couldn't hold back a cry when she felt a light climax rising, Ryo stopped and heard her panting, she felt his gaze starring at her entrance.

“I think you're ready Selena,” said Ryo, Selena blushed and closed her legs, along with using one of her hands to cover herself.

“Don't look! I'm so embarrassed,” said Selena. Ryo took her hand and brought himself back up to her and smiled as their eyes locked.

“Don't be, my star,” Ryo told her gently, he kissed her. Selena readied herself as she heard Ryo take his pants off and tossing them aside on the floor. He then was above her waiting for her word.

“Once we do this Selena, there's no turning back this might be your last chance to....” Ryo started to tell her, Selena again shook her head.

“I'm not......backing out,” Selena told him, as she slowly open her legs a bit more so he had room.

“I know since....this is your....first time.....I've heard it can hurt you,” replied Ryo, Selena cupped his face in her hands.

“I'll be alright, I know you would never.....really hurt me....just try to be gentle when you.....and if quick....” gasped Selena. Ryo smiled and kissed her forehead as she placed her hands on his chest, true to his word Ryo was being a gentleman and was taking his time with Selena, at least making sure she was comfortable with what was coming next.

“I will do my best.....but if I hurt you....and if you want to stop...I'll stop..” said Ryo.

“Thank you,” whispered Selena, she felt him moving on the bed, getting ready to position himself between her thighs, she shuttered a little bit she could feel the tip of his manhood in her entrance, Selena gripped the sheets and looked away, it felt more a like a bee sting and let out a light whimper, Ryo stopped for a second and turned Selena back towards him.

“Don't be scared Selena, just say the word and we won't go any further,” said Ryo.

“K....keep it quick...” pleaded Selena.

“Alright,” nodded Ryo.

With a quick thrust, the barrier was broken, their hips joined as one. Selena let out a cry, she at last could feel him inside of her. Her older sister often told her that penetration was and would be painful the first time, and she was right, it did hurt. Ryo seemed a bit worried for her.

“Se...Selena....dose it hurt?! Do you want me to stop?!” asked Ryo in a panicked tone.

“'s fine, the pain.....will fade once you...start.....please....don't make me....wait any longer....!” panted Selena through the pain, she knew her body would protest at first, but also knew it would adjust as they kept going.

“As you wish, my beloved moonlight, I'll go slow,” Ryo told her. He then started to move within her, Selena could feel the pain starting to slowly fade, she moved her knees to be around his waist, making him find out she was tighter, as he promised he was going slow.

`This feels so good, and he's really being gentle, and it's not near as rough as I first thought, could this be real?` thought Selena.

“I never thought....this would being inside of you......Selena...this is just so....amazing...” gasped Ryo as he kept pushing into her, Selena let out small gasps and moans of pleasure, this never felt so right to her.

“If this is a dream....don't wake me's everything I've....been god Ryo, you're incredible!” panted Selena, she felt him take her in his arms and pulled her close.

“No half as....amazing as you are....” said Ryo, Selena wrapped her arms around his neck, she felt him kissing her neck.

`I feel like my body's melting, this just feels so....God I can't put into words how I feel right now!` Selena's thoughts screamed, she suddenly felt Ryo pull her up and onto his lap.

“Se...Selena I need some help...” panted Ryo. Selena wrapped her legs around his waist causing him to find her even tighter than before.

“Say no more...” answered Selena. Her hips moved to joined the movement, Ryo could barely believe she moved this smooth and easy.

“By all're just beyond amazing!” gasped Ryo.

“You can thank those dance good...!” gasped Selena, they stopped for a second, she shyly turned her back, he pulled to where her back and his chest met, she felt him enter her once more and could feel his hands once more exploring her body, ending with him holding her breasts.

“I didn't could be's unbelievable....” panted Ryo, he licked a part of her exposed neck, Selena gasped as she placed her hands on top of his hands.

“This is....I can't even...this feels so good......and it doesn't hurt any more!” exclaimed Selena.

“That's good! Told your I'd be gentle,” reminded Ryo.

“I never doubted!” Selena told him. She let out sounds of pleasure that sounded more like whimpers and panting as they kept going, she turned back to face him and they became intertwined at one point, their hands becoming laced together when he was on top of her.

`She's doing much better than when we first started out, she was so shy, now it's like this is our wedding night,` thought Ryo. Selena panted each time she felt him push into her, she was on top of him when she let out a cry of passion as she locked hands with him once more.

“You're so deep....inside feels so wonderful!” cried Selena.

“Sel....Selena, I don't know if.....I can hold it back....much longer.....” panted Ryo. Selena could feel her climax rising also, it wouldn't be long, she turn over to have him on top of her once again and her legs wrapped around his waist.

“I....I'm close too.....just a bit longer and....our climaxes will be at the same time!” exclaimed Selena.

She could feel him moving harder and faster, both of them panting and gasping, she relaxed her legs, the two felt something rising within them, it couldn't be held back, it wouldn't be held back.

“Ryo....I....I....I think it's happening!” yelled Selena, she couldn't hold her voice back, she could feel something about to burst, this is where the night and their own words had been leading them, where their love had brought them to this moment, for as long as they've been together they wanted their relationship to go this far.

“Same for me! I can't....!” Ryo tried to tell her, but he couldn't hold it back, he was about release inside of her. Suddenly she could hear her name through his teeth “Selena!!” then she felt it, she felt his release inside of her with one last thrust, she cried out in pure pleasure, she felt complete.

The two of them slowly came down from their high, gasping for breath. Ryo pulled out of her and pulled the sheets around them, Selena still felt some minor excitement with had just occurred, it couldn't have gone more perfect, she curled up next to him once he laid next to her.

“ felt great...” panted Selena. Ryo wrapped his arms around her and pulled her as close as he could.

“You were amazing, you did great for your first time,” said Ryo softly stroking her hair.

“You weren't so bad yourself,” Selena told him, she pulled him into a kiss, and placed her head on his chest.

“Are you alright though, I know it had to have hurt when I.....” Ryo started to ask her, Selena shook her head.

“I'm fine, and it did hurt for a while, but I didn't want to worry you,” answered Selena. Ryo smiled down at her and kissed her head.

“And you claim I'm too nice,” said Ryo, Selena lightly giggled, she could feel her eyelids getting heavy, she was comfortable in the warmth of Ryo's arms, they were both pretty tired after what they had just done. She pulled the covers around themselves even more.

“At least I know it won't hurt next time,” Selena said softly, he knew she was tired and he was too.

“Get some rest,” Ryo whispered to her, she felt sleep catching up to her. Selena placed her hands on his chest and Ryo held her even closer, she felt him lightly kiss her neck and head.

“Alright, oh and Ryo?” said Selena.


“Thanks for being gentle,” replied Selena, before long she had fallen asleep in Ryo's arms, he looked at her one last time.

“I always will be, for now rest my moonlight,” said Ryo before he too surrendered to sleep, their arms wrapped around each other. The house was quite for the rest of the night, the only other sound was outside being a light wind, and the crescent moon was the only witness. Birds chirped when the sun rose, Ryo stirred when the light peaked through the window and looked at Selena still sleeping in his arms, he couldn't believe the sun was already up.

“Morning already? And she's still asleep,” Ryo told himself softly, he bent down and kissed her head, Selena stirred a bit as she woke, she opened her eyes to see him propped up on his elbow, smiling at her and she smiled back at him.

“Good morning my beloved starlight,” Ryo said to her.

“Same to you, my untameable wildfire,” replied Selena, she curled up next him, Ryo pulled her onto his chest and she smiled once again.

“Last night was just......I can't put into words how great it was,” said Ryo.

“Neither can I, think we could have a other night like that?” asked Selena. Ryo nuzzled her neck.

“I think we could,” answered Ryo, they stayed that way for a little bit and she snuggled up to him. Selena sat up and Ryo looked at her naked body, she wasn't shy about letting him see her naked any more.

“We should get going,” said Ryo, Selena found the purple panties and slipped on one of Ryo's shirts, she liked to take her time when it came to getting ready, but once the shirt was on she turned to him.

“I guess you're right, do you want some breakfast? I'll make it,” answered Selena.

“Sounds good, I like your southern American breakfasts,” Ryo told her as he stretched his arms out, then stood up to put his pants back on.

“Then I'll head downstairs to get things going, you go freshen up and head downstairs, if you want to eat that is,” Selena said to him in a playful tone.

“Alright, meet you downstairs,” said Ryo, Selena smiled and left the room.
Moon and Fire unite
The union of Wildfire and MoonStar, hope you guys enjoy, been known to write smut before, just been a while
K sorry for being slow on the uploads, I've been working on some original paintings, but I've been forgetting to take pics of them and get them on here, but on a lighter note birthday went simi alright, my mom said she wants to do a birthday thing now that they're back, (Knowing her, she might forget) but still doing my dance classes, just not much going on with me right now. Still hard to believe we're almost in Oct, things will get busy soon.

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